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about me

i like networking, programming, system administraion, and electronics among other things. when i'm not doing any of that i often listen to music or take photos, and hang out with friends.


some of the languages, technologies, and frameworks i enjoy using are: docker, go, flutter, nodejs, tailwindcss, svelte


here are some of my projects


an HTTP framework I wrote in C# using no external packages. All content types are not supported and its kinda clunky, but the main point of this was to see how a http framework could be implemented in C#


a small but functional http server I made with PowerShell. I wanted to make a small, but still versatile HTTP server in powershell, mostly to see how it could be done. What I like about it is how easy it is to run, just paste the code into a PowerShell prompt and hit enter

more coming soon...